Summer mini session dates still available!

The past few weeks have been busy!  I’ve been scheduling lots of family photo sessions in the next few months.  October weekends are almost all booked up already!  If you’ve been thinking about getting some photos– kids, families, seniors, maternity, newborn, whatever, contact me and let’s make it happen!  I have a special going on only for the next two weeks for mini sessions that include a print credit, so if you’ve been wanting to update the photos in your home, this is the perfect opportunity!  Here are a handful misc photos I’ve taken recently, for your viewing pleasure.

IMG_5159IMG_4480 IMG_6093

Jocelyn + Robert’s farm wedding │ Beaverdam, VA

Jocelyn and Robert came to me through a referral and I was so excited to do their engagement photos and also photograph their wedding.  They’re a fun couple, and the first time I met them, they told me they were not photogenic.  Well, ladies and gentlemen, I am here to tell you that they are WRONG!  I am SO in love with the images from this beautiful wedding on her family’s farm.  Even though the temperature was over 100 degrees outside, everything flowed seamlessly and turned out absolutely gorgeous.

*Click on the photos to enlarge them.  You won’t be sorry <3



ttwedding4 Despite a slight mishap with the strap on her gown, Jocelyn remained upbeat!  I have got to say, 10+ points for not having a bridal meltdown, girl!  I was impressed!  ;)  I love a laid-back bride.



The colors and details of this wedding were perfect for a June wedding.  I was loving the beautiful big window in the room where the girls were getting ready.  Jocelyn looked stunning.



Had to share this photo from the reception also… Jocelyn’s sister was hilarious, with her dry sense of humor.  She had me cracking up behind the lens the entire time.


Jocelyn & Robert, I wish you the best of luck!  Congratulations again!  Thank you so much for choosing me to photograph your wedding!



Kristin + Josh’s farm Wedding │ Ashland, VA

I have known Kristen for awhile through our horses, and I did some engagement pictures for her and her then-fiance, Josh.  It was such an honor to photograph their wedding last month.  They chose to get married at her parent’s home in Ashland,Virginia.  It was a beautiful setting and they got married underneath a breathtaking archway that her father built, surrounded by trees, and all their loved ones, and their horses in the barn and pasture right behind them.


The wedding color was a pretty aqua, and a lot of the details were homemade, DIY.  I love seeing the visions people have come to life for the final product.  I also thought it was so cool that she used freshly picked flowers from the yard to put in her hair.


I always get a picture of the groom’s reaction as he is watching his bride walk down the aisle for the first time.  I love watching their face, and I love watching the emotion flicker across.


The ceremony was beautiful (and HOT!) and Kristen, of course, had to have a few photos with her horses.  The horses had bowties.  BOW TIES.  HORSE BOW TIES.  Ahhhhh.


I wish Kristen and Josh the best.  Thank you so much for choosing me to photograph your special day!


I have been super anxious to tell everyone but had to wait until they made the official announcement… but the photo session I did the other day of my brother was actually a PROPOSAL!  He had me ask them to model for me so I could “try out some new gear”.  He was so worried about her catching on, so he tried to throw her off a few times during the session.  I was trying so hard not to laugh.

I brought little chalkboards to try to keep it fun, interesting, and candid.  These were their portraits of each other.  LOL.

**Click on the image to view a larger size.**


Then he suggested writing something sweet to try to throw her off his scent.  He was very convincing.  She said later she thought that might be it.


And then… while we were shooting in the woods, my husband secretly set up an easel with a super cute frame my brother made with sweet momentos… the napkin and check from their first date, a photo of them together, and a heartfelt message.


It took several minutes to try to lead her over to the area where it was setup, which is a hilarious story in itself.  Anyways, here is the proposal!


She said no!  Just kidding, she said yes and I am so psyched for them!  We are all so excited to welcome her to the family and I am so, so honored that they allowed me to be there to photograph this special moment.

I’ve been keeping busy adjusting to our new life as a family of four.  It’s been rough and I’ve felt a little crazy some days, but it’s awesome.  Every day is something new.  I’ve got lots of fun stuff coming up on the photography front.  My summer calendar has been booking up steadily with weddings, family sessions, and random events.  I am trying to find a good time to run a couple of mini-sessions before it gets too miserable outside.  Just waiting on a few things before I announce any more details.

Here are just a couple photos I’ve taken in the last couple of days.



Baby is girl here!  She has been tolerating my camera pretty well, I am pleased to announce!  It had been awhile since I had a brand new squish to photograph and I didn’t realize how much I missed it! 

But anyways, I am ready to start taking on sessions again.  The weather is getting gorgeous again and grass and turning green, which I am always happy to see!  

I’ve got some fun stuff planned for late spring/early summer, so stay tuned for that announcement.   I’ll post something as soon as I figure out a few more details :)

I’ve been in the process of getting ready for this baby, so I’ve been slowing down my sessions and it’s driving me mad. I so want to be back working consistently, despite being so ridiculously pregnant. I scheduled a couple sessions this weekend, so maybe they will do me in. Or make the baby make an appearance… we’ll see!

In the mean time, I’ve been doing some behind the scenes work on my business, coming up with some super fun ideas for spring/summer mini sessions that you will NOT want to miss out on! I will be announcing and will start booking for them in the next couple months, so keep your eyes peeled. I am SO excited for it!

I’ve also been taking this downtime to do some learning, and am super psyched to be able to put all this new knowledge to use once I can get myself around. I may be doing some casting calls in the near future as well, so if you’re interested, make sure you have liked my page AND hit the ‘follow page’ button at the top since Facebook won’t show you most of my posts.

I’m posting this from my phone, so the quality won’t be great, but I’ll leave you with a photo I took the other day :)