Happy birthday to me!

Totally geeking out right now over my birthday purchase… so you will be seeing lots of new photos with my new pretty lens! I was like a kid on Christmas morning, sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for hubby to arrive home with my package. Couldn’t open it fast enough and rushed outside to take some photos. It was getting dark, but I enjoyed playing with it was much as I could for tonight 🙂


I had about 20 cows watching me right at the fence line, so I couldn’t resist.  The cows have been pretty standoffish the last few times I’ve tried to photograph them. They don’t want me to come near, but they do find whatever I’m doing to be pretty interesting.  I couldn’t help myself when this little calf came over to investigate.  Mama cow came with and made sure there was no funny business, of course.

IMG_0508  IMG_0521  IMG_0520

I plan on taking lots of photos this weekend, so hopefully I will have some new stuff coming up soon!  And if you’re interested in booking any fall shoots while the leaves are pretty, get with me quickly, as October is filling up!  Think most of my weekends are almost taken already, so shoot me a message or call if you want to schedule something 🙂


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