My photo today is of my darling Quarter Horse mare, Quincy.  We purchased her in 2004 as a young greenie and she is now at the ripe old age of 17!  I can’t believe so much time has passed already.  She was a bit of a spitfire when we got her… has bucked me off more times than I can remember.  We’ve both grown a bit and she’s definitely come around and become such an amazing horse.  She’s become sort of the unofficial mascot as everyone that comes to the house to have photos done falls in love with her.  She has the sweetest personality and is so eager to please.  Unless you ask her to jump a fence.  Then you are on your own.  Probably on the opposite side of the jump.  On your back.

Anyway, she has found her forever home and will be toting around little man once he’s a bit older.  I can’t wait to ride with him and I hope he enjoys it as much as I do.


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