I have been so busy, leaving me hardly any time to update my blog! October was a blur. I had a bunch of photo shoots… families, maternity, babies, employee pictures, a wedding… and who knows what else! This blog has been sorely neglected. I need to try to add some photos and update everything. That’s what I’ll be attempting to do in the next couple weeks! Keep me in mind if you are looking for someone hard to shop for. I have lots of framed artwork for sale and offer gift certificates for photo sessions. Send me a message or an e-mail at anikacolombo@gmail.com and we can find you exactly what you’re looking for! Here are some of the photos I’ve been busying myself with lately:

IMG_1633 IMG_4834 IMG_3332 IMG_1636

IMG_4850 IMG_2145 IMG_2669

IMG_4890 IM<a href= IMG_3379

IMG_3412 IMG_2721 IMG_2673 IMG_3436

Coming up, I have some kid portraits, two newborn shoots, and some 6 month photos in the next few weeks. Stay tuned, folks!

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