Catching up

I’m ashamed to say how bad I am at updating my blog these days.  I’m bribing the kiddo with Cheerios to keep him busy in the highchair next to me while I type this out.  Spring is taking it’s sweet time getting here, but we have had a few nice days so far this year.  Today’s entry has pictures from two of my babies that I am lucky enough to be able to document their entire first year of life.  Ryker had his 3 month pictures and was a total champ– he was so easy going, and despite spitting up a few times (ohhh don’t you love the 3 month age?  hehe), he was totally cool with letting me stuff him in whatever baskets and put him in whatever ridiculous pose I wanted.  His mama is so sweet.  She brought along some cute props and he got to show off those adorable baby rolls!  Here are a few highlights from his shoot:


Image  Image


I did Trent’s 9 month (!!!) pictures recently also, and oh man is this kid cute.  He is so calm!  An old soul behind those eyes 😉  We had a BEAUTIFUL day to get his photos done and his cousin and aunt were visiting from out of state, so I got to photograph them as well!

Image  Image

IMG_9830  IMG_9693  IMG_9797

(Sorry Trent, had to add that last one, lol.)  I love that I get the opportunity to follow these kids through their milestones.  I so look forward to these sessions to see how much they’ve grown, what their new “tricks” are, and love to see them develop their own little personalities.  It’s always bittersweet at the 1 year mark!  If you or someone you know may be interested in documenting a baby’s first year, here’s a link for more information regarding sessions, prices, etc.  I offer gift certificates as well, so if you’re stumped on what to bring to a baby shower, here’s a good gift idea!  🙂

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