Once again, I’ve been so busy lately with life that my site has taken a hit (again)!  I barely have had time to sit down to edit all my sessions, much less update my blog.  My little sweet baby turned one year old, our house is FINALLY (ok, ALMOST) put back together from the construction, and our days have just been so busy.  This kiddo sure keeps me on my toes.  He is into everything, which makes computer time pretty much impossible unless I have another set of eyes on him.  Since I’ve been so bad about updating lately, here are a few of my favorite photos from some sessions I’ve had lately.  Of course, I have some more I could add to this post, but here are a couple just for now since I’m short on time.

Sorry for the weird formatting of the pictures.  My website does not want to play very nice with this entry for some reason.


 IMG_2599 IMG_2679-2



IMG_2761 IMG_2837 IMG_2800









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