Amanda & Wes’ Wedding at Bandit’s Ridge – Louisa, VA

Amanda and Wes had a beautiful, intimate wedding at a picturesque farm named Bandit’s Ridge in Louisa, Virginia.  It was a perfect day, with sweet little details that held true to their laid back and country style.  Both families felt the void of family members that had passed before their time, and the tears of both grief and happiness flowed freely from everyone’s eyes.  They say butterflies signify those that have passed on… and wouldn’t you know, a black and blue butterfly visited us during the family formals and first landed on Amanda, then Wes’ beard, and even tried to stay with him for the evening by flying up his sleeve.  It was amazing.  I had a great time photographing this wedding with all the love and emotion in the air and now am so happy to be able to share a few of the highlights with you!

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