My loves (yeah, yeah, yeah, barf alert).

I love the weekends, even when my husband is usually driving me crazy.  We aren’t the typical lovey-dovey couple in public, we always tease each other and we both have a crass sense of humor most of the time, but we have our own thing and it works for us.  I don’t say it enough, but he takes such good care of us and has always supported my newest venture/hobby/obsessions, no matter how crazy they seem to anyone else.  We went on a trip this weekend and I snapped this photo of him and the baby in the hotel.  I absolutely adore it.  He’s a good dad and Kellan and I are lucky to have him.


And of course, here are a couple photos of our handsome man.  Even though he never (ever… EVER…)  lets me sleep, this little smile is enough to get me through the day.

IMG_0567   IMG_0588

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