I took little Trent’s 6 month photos last weekend.  His parents have opted to take advantage of my Baby’s First Year package, which includes a photo session at birth, 3, 6, 9 and 12 months old.  I SO enjoy the babies I am lucky enough to photograph on a regular basis.  I love watching them grow up and I love knowing that years from now, they will be looking back on these photos… showing them to their kids… their grandchildren.  I personally love looking at old family photos, so I am glad this trend of having family memories professionally documented has taken off.

My own little man turned 9 months TODAY!  It is so crazy how time flies.  He is standing (holding onto something), crawling, sounding out words (BAAAAAAA for “ball”, CCCCCCCC for “cat”, etc.), knows how to give high fives, kisses (sloppy and open mouth, but still adorable, nonetheless), loves showing his muscles with a loud grunt, already shakes his head no at me, waves “hi” and “bye”, and he LOVES food.  My goodness, does this child love food.  We lovingly refer to him as the “garbage disposal”.  I swear this kid could out eat any of us.  He’s got two bottom teeth, and yesterday I noticed two top ones that will soon make their appearance.  Hopefully soon, so he will sleep a little better.

Anyways!  I will try to get some pictures of him taken today.  In the meantime, here’s a couple of shots from my session with baby Trent.  You can see more on my facebook page: www.facebook.com/colombophotography

IMG_7391 IMG_7294

My loves (yeah, yeah, yeah, barf alert).

I love the weekends, even when my husband is usually driving me crazy.  We aren’t the typical lovey-dovey couple in public, we always tease each other and we both have a crass sense of humor most of the time, but we have our own thing and it works for us.  I don’t say it enough, but he takes such good care of us and has always supported my newest venture/hobby/obsessions, no matter how crazy they seem to anyone else.  We went on a trip this weekend and I snapped this photo of him and the baby in the hotel.  I absolutely adore it.  He’s a good dad and Kellan and I are lucky to have him.


And of course, here are a couple photos of our handsome man.  Even though he never (ever… EVER…)  lets me sleep, this little smile is enough to get me through the day.

IMG_0567   IMG_0588

Four months!

My little side kick is FOUR MONTHS OLD as of last Friday! I cannot believe how big he’s gotten. It is just crazy to me how fast time is flying. He goes for his 4 month check-up next week to get some shots… he won’t be very pleasant then so I figured I ought to get some pictures now. I need to get a good picture of him doing his big, gummy grin. It’s a bit harder than one would imagine to make a baby smile and take his picture when you’re all by yourself! As soon as the camera comes out, his face is deadpan. Every single time. A little creative thinking, some high pitched squealing, and this was the best smile I got out of him. Little stinker.

Oh yeah, then he spit up on his rug and made a “present” for me in his diaper. I know, I know, my life is so glamorous. 😉