I did some photos for the Daltons a couple days ago, and holy MOLY is their 8 month old baby boy adorable!  This was my first time working with this awesome little family– they told me they hadn’t had professional photos taken of him since he was born.  This little stud is a natural model though–  he definitely knew how to work the camera.  I think his parents may need to start bringing him around more often!  😉  We started outside taking a few family photos, and a few with just Booker before heading inside because it was pretty chilly and miserable out.  Because seriously, how could you say no to this face?


Once we came in, Booker was a pro.  He LOVED wearing those sunglasses.  They had the most adorable little 3 piece suit and tie for him for some early Easter pictures.  I wish I could share every picture I took of this kid, that’s how cute and photogenic he was… but I will save some suspense for his parents when they get the CD once I finish editing them all.  Here’s a sneak peek of his photoshoot!


IMG_0677 IMG_0706 IMG_0754

Aaaaaaaaand here is my kid attempting to photo bomb his session.


Sunday mornings

Finally the weekend!  Can I get a hallelujah?!  We had a long, boring week at home.  The good news is that our kitchen, living room and laundry room are no longer a construction zone!  Hopefully the rest of the house will soon be done and we can get back to life as we know it.  I am already dying to spring clean and get some major organization done, but it’s pretty pointless at this point with things being shuffled back and forth between rooms while waiting for the floors to be completed. But soon!

Took some photos this morning while hubby spent time making pancakes and turkey bacon for breakfast.  Kellan spent his time smearing it all over his face and chair, then finally dropping pieces for the ever-hopeful dogs. No where else in the world I would rather be. ❤

“I can’t remember all the times I try to tell myself to hold on to these moments as they pass…”

 IMG_9576  IMG_9558

IMG_9584  IMG_9563


I took little Trent’s 6 month photos last weekend.  His parents have opted to take advantage of my Baby’s First Year package, which includes a photo session at birth, 3, 6, 9 and 12 months old.  I SO enjoy the babies I am lucky enough to photograph on a regular basis.  I love watching them grow up and I love knowing that years from now, they will be looking back on these photos… showing them to their kids… their grandchildren.  I personally love looking at old family photos, so I am glad this trend of having family memories professionally documented has taken off.

My own little man turned 9 months TODAY!  It is so crazy how time flies.  He is standing (holding onto something), crawling, sounding out words (BAAAAAAA for “ball”, CCCCCCCC for “cat”, etc.), knows how to give high fives, kisses (sloppy and open mouth, but still adorable, nonetheless), loves showing his muscles with a loud grunt, already shakes his head no at me, waves “hi” and “bye”, and he LOVES food.  My goodness, does this child love food.  We lovingly refer to him as the “garbage disposal”.  I swear this kid could out eat any of us.  He’s got two bottom teeth, and yesterday I noticed two top ones that will soon make their appearance.  Hopefully soon, so he will sleep a little better.

Anyways!  I will try to get some pictures of him taken today.  In the meantime, here’s a couple of shots from my session with baby Trent.  You can see more on my facebook page: www.facebook.com/colombophotography

IMG_7391 IMG_7294

Baby Trent’s First Year @ 3 Months!

Some of you may remember this cute little newborn from a few months ago…


Yep, that’s the one! Well, he is 3 months old now and his parents (who are so super sweet, by the way) decided to get the Baby’s First Year package I offer to document this little guy’s growth. (Trent is about 2 months younger than Kellan but he made me realize what a TANK my guy is. Holy moly. I better get some ripped arms to show carrying him around all the time). Trent’s parents, Kiera and Bryant were also celebrating their tenth anniversary! They told me they’d never had family photos done so they figured this was a good of a time as any! I know I’ve always love looking back on old family photos so I love being able to offer this to people so their little ones can look back someday too.

I say this, and yet I hardly have any pictures of my own, new little fam. I seriously hate having my picture taken, but I guess it’s time to suck it up and dig out my tripod. Sigh.

Anyway, for your viewing pleasure, here are just a few of the… ahem… 230 pictures I’m handing off to Kiera & Bryant. I am a nutcase, I realize this.

IMG_9429 IMG_9356  IMG_9160 IMG_9433 IMG_9151   IMG_9329

And of course, Stupid Sexy Flanders (our kitty) couldn’t stand to not be included in the photo shoot.  He always manages at least one photo bomb.



Four months!

My little side kick is FOUR MONTHS OLD as of last Friday! I cannot believe how big he’s gotten. It is just crazy to me how fast time is flying. He goes for his 4 month check-up next week to get some shots… he won’t be very pleasant then so I figured I ought to get some pictures now. I need to get a good picture of him doing his big, gummy grin. It’s a bit harder than one would imagine to make a baby smile and take his picture when you’re all by yourself! As soon as the camera comes out, his face is deadpan. Every single time. A little creative thinking, some high pitched squealing, and this was the best smile I got out of him. Little stinker.

Oh yeah, then he spit up on his rug and made a “present” for me in his diaper. I know, I know, my life is so glamorous. 😉